Luanne Perez - Watercolor Artist
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The Artist

Luanne Hebner Perez began to seriously paint in the 1970's and was thrilled to discover she could do it. She worked with oils on board or canvas depicting scenes of Americana, for this was the era of the 1776 Bicentennial celebration. More recently, she works exclusively with watercolors, creating scenes of Fillmore and the Santa Clara River Valley that has long been her home. She also spends time painting images of favorite places in Europe.

Luanne was educated as a home economist at U.C. Santa Barbara and U.C. Davis. She is recognized around town as "you taught me to cook and sew in Jr. High." In 2002, after 24 years, she retired from teaching Life Management classes at Fillmore Middle School. She has lived in California nearly all of her life.

Luanne is drawn to beauty:
   · Picturesque towns and lush farm country
· Architecture from ancient to brand new
· Painting in vibrant watercolors
· Photos of significant people and places

Traveling throughout North America and Europe has always been a part of her life. Luanne continues to go places and paint. She makes this a priority in her life. Each month she spends a minimum of two nights away from home; but more usually, it is a week away - or three weeks is better.

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Recent Awards

Santa Paula Society of the Arts 73rd Annual Exhibit, Spring 2010, Third Place Ribbon, Watercolors

Santa Paula Society of the Arts, 72nd Annual Exhibit, Spring 2009, First Honorable Mention

Heritage Valley Art Sale, Fall 2008, Blue Ribbon

California Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Fall 2006, Third Place

Rancho Camulos Open House and Sale Fall 2006, Honorable Mention


Artists Guild of Fillmore

Buenaventura Art Association

California Gold Coast Watercolor Society

Santa Paula Society of the Arts


"Two Trees in Fog" selected for Buenaventura Art Association 2010 Calendar, "Let's Picnic - In Foster Park" selected for 2011 Calendar

Farm & Ranch Magazine "Springtime Colors" used to illustrate Ventura County's Agricultural Art Alliance Article

"Springtime Colors" selected to illustrate Agricultural Art Alliance Show Theme in 2010 call-to-artists

In International Artist Magazine, Issues #66 and #67, Luanne as a student in John Lovett's art workshop in Italy

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